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SRM Foods specializes in domestic wholesale and export of FRESH ONION as well as PEANUTS to the world from India. We specialize in procurement of Red Onion, Pink Onion and White Onion and their varieties of Onion from Mahuva, Gujarat, India and all other parts of India. We also specialize in procurement of Groundnuts and Peanuts from the local market and other domestic market of India.

Our priority is to locate top quality produce and to deliver the product at a better than competitive prices. The emphasis is placed firmly on the consistency and reliability of our service, and providing the personal care and attention that each customer requires and deserves.

Combining local sourcing of seasonal vegetables along with a global network of produce growers, we ensure twelve month supply of produce. We have been enjoying an impeccable track record and reputation within the domestic and international's wholesale produce markets. We believe in providing each customer with personalized service and deliver the freshest goods available.

Our Mission

"SRM Foods mission is to source and distribute high quality affordable Fresh Onion and Peanuts to our network of customers in the world's wholesale and retail produce industry, in a timely and most cost effective manner."

Our Commitment

Our policy is to make every effort to provide our clients with the best service and quality that can be offered, with the utmost integrity.

We would also like our produce growers and vendors to know without a doubt, that we are committed to being fair and ethical with every situation that presents itself.

SRM Foods was founded on the concept of offering our clients with the most accurate information about the market prices, quality and availability of produce for our client's needs. Through our long term established relations with well known and dependable growers, packers, and shippers of fresh vegetables and Groundnuts throughout India. We provide consistent supply of seasonal fresh onion with the most competitive prices available year round.

We at SRM Foods also believe in the significance of customer service. We always remember that "you are always judged by your performance and integrity, and not on what you say", the secret of good service.

There is also no secret that our produce clients, regardless of their size, or type of business, whether they are Domestic and International Produce Wholesalers, Produce Processors, Supermarkets, Hotels, and Catering houses have come back to us over and over again without hesitation. We have always provided them with Fresh Onion and Peanuts that exceed their expectations. That is why our clients always tell us that we outshine our competitor's customer service.

Contact us and let us assist you in your next purchase of fresh produce and Peanuts.


Red Fresh Onion

30-45 MM, 45-55 MM, 55+ MM

Pickle Red Onion

25-35 MM, 30-40 MM

White Fresh Onion

30-45 MM, 45-55 MM, 55+ MM


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